**Santa Flavious & COVID-19**

Hello lovers of Christmas! As all of you know, the COVID-19 Pandemic has called us all to adjust the way we do social gatherings.


Team Santa Flavious is ALL ABOUT mingling, jingling, hugging & pictures on Santa’s lap.


If Christmas was happening during the summer of 2020, it would be impossible & irresponsible on our part to meet like we usually do. That being said...


The Christmas Season is still a few months away. A lot can happen between now & then. In the event that we SHOULD still implement the current safety & social-distancing measures this holiday season, we will put your safety & our team’s safety first, up to and including canceling appearances.


It would break our hearts to do so, but not nearly as much as exposing one of you precious ones to this ugly virus. If cancellations are necessary, we will give as much notice as possible and honor refunds.


If you are already booked with us for 2020 and have an idea about a change to your event, please let us know.


We love you all and pray that everyone stays safe and healthy.


Much love,


Team Santa Flavious

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